Application Instructions

Impact Hub Istanbul is pleased to announce a call for Project Zoom impact journalism grant programme to support media products aimed at raising awareness, striving for change and possibly having a real impact in the society we live in.

Application should be submitted no later than 15 May, 2020 at 12:00 a.m. (Istanbul time).


Applications are open to media experts, communications professionals, content creators, and journalists, with previous experience in the media and communication sector.

For the purposes of this grant call, we are accepting applications from Turkey only, but non-Turkish citizens can also apply.

Submitted projects will have to focus on one of the following themes:

  • Climate change
  • Gender issues
  • Sustainability 
  • Migration 
  • Social Innovation
  • Energy

The competition is aimed at supporting the creation and dissemination of media products. Any possible format (writing, imagery, video and audio) is accepted.

Applicants should provide a detailed budget with justification for the amount requested using the template provided. We expect that stories will be produced with equipment the applicant has access to (including cameras, drones, lighting, tripods, etc.) and will not consider budgets that focus heavily on procuring new supplies.

Stories will have to be produced in either English or Turkish. We will consider translation for dissemination purposes at a later stage.

Project Guidelines

Applicants may submit a proposal for funding consideration with a total amount requested of maximum $7,000.

Main programme partners reserve the right to offer partial or full funding depending on the quality and number of applications received and requirements of each proposal. Applicants should prepare proposals carefully and submit a budget request that is commensurate with their project objectives and the size of their project team.  

Applicants are also welcome to seek partnership and supplemental funding from other organizations. (Be sure to make note of any cost-sharing in your budget proposal).  

Project length cannot exceed four months. The final media product will need to be ready to be published (or have already been published) by the end of the allotted time.

Content produced under the Project Zoom framework should be original, that is to say made expressly for this project and never published before.

Evaluation Criteria 

Each application will be evaluated and rated on the basis of the evaluation criteria outlined below:

  • Plan:  A work plan that includes specific, measurable objectives and a clearly formulated timeline and description of activities. 
  • Impact: A clear description of the media product’s expected impact, including projected results and measurements of a successful outcome. Does the proposal have an investigative element that will inform and engage, draw attention, trigger debate and urge action within a target audience?
  • Quality: An indication of the contents expressed in your work as well as the ability to communicate them to the identified target audience. We encourage the use of multimedia and creative approaches to address one (or more) of the 6 project themes.
  • Dissemination strategy: A structured plan to promote the final media product and disseminate it to targeted audience through selected channels.  
  • Budget: A detailed budget and narrative justification that follow the guidelines outlined in the attached “Budget Guidelines and Template” file (download below), and are reasonable in relation to the proposed activities and projected results. This competition is NOT intended to support core administrative funding for applicants or their respective organizations, or to provide continued funding for existing initiatives. 

How to Apply:

The application deadline is 15 May, 2020 at 12:00 a.m. (Istanbul time). To apply, please follow these steps:

  1. Download the “Budget Guidelines and Template” file that is attached at the bottom of this page.
  2. Review the budget file (see all three tabs in the Excel spreadsheet) and the project guidelines above prior to beginning your application, and follow all instructions very carefully.
  3. Click “Apply Now” at the top of this page to access the application form.
  4. Fill out the application form and submit your completed application via this online portal by the abovementioned deadline. Prepare your project budget AND budget narrative using the attached “Budget Guidelines and Template” and upload the file to your application (see Section III of the application form) prior to submission. Applications must be typed in either English or Turkish.
  5. Contact us with any questions!

Review & Selection Process:

Once all submissions are compiled via the online application portal, the Jury team will evaluate each application and make funding determinations.

All applicants will be notified of the funding decision via email by mid-May 2020. The technical review panel reserves the right to provide conditions and recommendations on applications to enhance the proposed project, which must be addressed by the applicant before further consideration for funding. This could include requests to increase, decrease, clarify, and/or justify costs and project activities to ensure effective use of funds.

If selected for funding:

Be aware that costs incurred before the official grant period begins will not be reimbursed, and projects should conclude within four months of their start date. Detailed information on grant administration procedures and reporting requirements will be outlined in the award documents provided to selected applicants.


Please direct questions about this call for proposals to [email protected] 

Budget Guidelines and Template.xls